Dealing with singular points

The singular points of a façade are all the points that may be problematic in the continuity of the cladding. They must be designed to prevent water filtering through and great care must be taken when working on them.

The singular points of a façade may be linear (start and end of cladding, expansion joint, fire stop profiles, façade corners, etc.) or in set positions (rainwater drains, ventilation, cable raceways, window and door frames, etc.).

Angle of building: Bird Mouth

Angle of building: Moulded Bird Mouth

Welded corner

Angle of building: Mitred and bonded borner

welded corner graf

Angle of building: Welded Corner on GRAF 200 look

Treated edge

Angle of building: Treated Edge

How to deal with singular points

The singular points of a façade may be dealt with in various ways.
The most common solution consists in using a filling profile that covers the product.
CAREA® has developed attractive solutions to go with the various product ranges, in order to reduce or remove the need for filling profiles. These solutions may be created in the factory or directly on the work site.

On our web site, find over 40 data sheets to download, dealing with most of the common singular points.

Carea cladding - singular points
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