Mineral Composite material


Geo-sourced: 90% mineral filler

Cladding material: Mineral Composite

A natural material combining performance and aesthetics

Used in the building sector for nearly 40 years, CAREA® Mineral Composite is a material containing over 90% mineral fillers. Created by the CAREA® Research and Development laboratory, this material is unique and offers multiple solutions for architects to express their creativity in all their facade projects.

Due to its high mineral content, our CAREA® Mineral Composite material offers high resistance and durability with minimal maintenance. From the choice of texture to colours or formats, all combinations are possible, with the certainty of benefiting from an exclusive material renowned for its great technical qualities.

  • 100% designed and made in France by CAREA®.
  • A wide range of products and looks: from standard products to the most technical or specific designs.
  • Creativity in the CAREA® offering, in 2D and 3D alike.
  • Integrated Research and Development (R&D) laboratories enable us to improve our material constantly.
  • Continuous quality control, from the mineral selection to marketing of our products, for flawless quality.
  • A material with technical benefits: CAREA® Mineral Composite can be installed in wall cladding systems with subframe (CWS) or without subframe (CWoS) along with all substrate types (concrete, masonry, metal, timber).
Mineral Composite material

Eco-sustainability of our material

Our manufacturing processes


Unique Mineral Composite material geo-sourced in France

90% of the composition of our materials comes from natural slate tailings, a repurposed by product  extracted locally (near our factories). 10% of the resins are made of recycled components.

Verticality integrated supply chain.

Our products are 100% manufactured in France in our three factories (one for the material, one for the facade products and one for the kitchen and bathroom products). Our route to market means that we only manufacture on a project by project – direct sales basis. Therefore, no excessive stocks, only making what’s required. This reduces our carbon footprint when transporting materials, and no over production.

Clean production

Our products have very low CO2 emissions during production. Any wastage is reintroduced into the production process. In addition, the water needed for the production process is recycled, in a closed circuit.

The life of our products



Requiring minimal maintenance, our materials contribute to limiting the environmental impact by limiting cleaning (water, chemical products, etc.)

… and resistant

Among the 15 million m² of facades installed and the 3 million sanitary units installed, some have been in place for over 40 years. Our materials are durable and long-lasting by nature, thus limiting the need for renewal.

Recycling our materials


Recoverable materials…

The process waste emitted during production is recovered in our factories in order to reuse it for new production.

In addition, in the event of dismantling or demolition, solutions include materials being recovered  for use as road fill, to name but one.

… soon to 100% reusable…

Our R&D teams are currently working on a new process that will allow us to recover and recycle all our products after removal or demolition.

…And more

Carea performance façade systems are an ecologically responsible choice that pose no danger to the environment or atmosphere at the end of their useful life. Your descendant’s will thank you… 😉

Vegetal Artema

Made in Innovation

Behind the name CAREA® lies a 100% French, independent group, an inspired and creative “mover and shaker”. This desire to bring innovation to life on a daily basis is part of our DNA, as is the quality of our eco-friendly solutions. From the outset, we have been committed to offering excellent products that are made in France in increasingly innovative ways.
We foster this culture of innovation each day at our Research & Development laboratory, a special place where we express our ideas and optimise our products’ technical and aesthetic qualities.

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